August 19, 2021
3 min


XGEN for production series is getting Serious

Ever wondered why XGEN is so powerful on some hands, but a lot of people says its buggy. Well, this series will put you on a production environment and teach you how to be successful with an XGEN groom from concept to final animated render.


Are you wondering what to do next? Or how is the current state of the industry from a Creature Artist point of view?

Should I pick up Houdini?

Its the perfect time to start with Houdini, VFX studios and advertising vendors are converting their pipeline.

Start now for to upscale your work potencial from games to VFX houses with Houdini.

5 cases when to split your grooms

The hair division has always been a topic that makes groomers discuss, and its by no means easy, as it will have big repercussions on the structure of the groom, and if on production, on the other departments.


Adding more content every month, we are updating the pipeline tools and preparing for a big launch with the new sets!


We aim to release one more model per month!


The Houdini shelf is getting a new face and more tools!


Quick videos have been requested a lot, and we are adding a new series of them!


The fox model is finally here! A high end VFX model and we will tackle this groom soon!


This month’s Patreon showcase is super important for me! One of the most dedicated patrons on the channel! The amazing Chloe Roberts with Frank’s Digidouble! She has grown so much! and it’s looking for a job here in London to pick her up as soon as you can! This girl’s AMAZING!

Hi Guys! My name is Chloe Roberts, I am a junior groom artist living just outside London. I started my groom journey when I was in my second year of studies at the University of Hertfordshire which is how I found Jesus’ tutorials. With the help of Jesus Fernandez and the briefs he set me it really pushed me out of my comfort zone and got me to try to challenge myself regularly. Two years on, and one pandemic later, I’ve had the pleasure of two short films (one of which was my own graduate film which I groomed, lit, and did the cfx for) entered into the UH animation expose. I am currently looking for my first groom job in the film industry and I’m extremely excited to see where it takes me.

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