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Who am I?

 I am a 3D artist from Costa Rica, a beautiful country in Central America. I have 10 years working in many different areas of 3D, from Archiviz to animation, and now videogames and short films. I decided to study animation and 3D when I was 15 years old. I can remember my teachers saying to me that I should think about a different career (there was just one college that had animation here in Costa Rica) and most of the people do the entry exams for one of the best colleges here, but I decided that I did not want that for me. That really angered my teachers. After that I went to college and started studying animation, spending two years in college, but having to drop out early.

A week after I received an email asking me for me portfolio, and a company here decided to hire me. I started work doing videogames for flash, a really curious job. We had to do everything from the 2D concept and illustrations, to 3D rigs and animations for the games. I had the pleasure to work with a lot of talented artists that helped me grow (I was 20 years old when they decided to hire me).

I can be described now as half self-taught artist, I had some great teachers on my first days of college like the John Timms or Omar Moreno, I cannot be more grateful to them.  The other part and  most of my knowledge comes from my own studies, experimentation, and industry experience.

I live in London right now and work at MPC as a LEAD Groom artist for Maleficent 2. Senior Groom on Detective Pikachu.

-Jesus FC


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