Random Groomer
and VFX artist.

Hi! I’m Jesus FC, a VFX Artist based in London that specializes in Hair and Fur, with more than 12 years of experience in the VFX an Animation Industry.

Companies I've collaborated with
Ilion Animation
L'Atelier Animation
Untold Studios
Frame by Frame
Carbon VFX
Guerrilla Games
Leon Studio
Tangent Animation
I create Grooming and creature development Tutorials

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Random Groomer

That's me!

For the last ten years, I have partnered with several studios to work for three years in the United Kingdom, freelancing and consulting for big firms, and now for the Disney family in Vancouver.

No copyright infringement intended. I do not own nor claim to own any of the original content. All rights are by their respective owners: Legendary Pictures, The Pokémon Company, Walt Disney Pictures.


Words from patrons

"I would highly recommend becoming a member of Jesus's Patreon to any aspiring groom artist wanting to learn the fundamentals or any level groomer wanting to learn Xgen or Houdini!

Most people in the grooming community know of Jesus because he is probably the most helpful guy in the whole community. He has the ability to break down all of the skills required to be a great groom artist and also to teach the theoretical methodologies, the practical workflows, and the technicalities of how to make sure your groom works without any issues. As well as this there is guidance on how to analyze your work and how to improve it.

The provision of benefits such as some great grooming tools and various 3d model assets to get you started with grooming is a massive bonus!

Just over a year ago, after 13 years in the VFX industry (with over half of those years doing grooming) I decided that I wanted to get into grooming in Houdini, and Jesus's in-depth tutorials really helped me to pick up the Houdini methodology. Houdini is a software with a steep learning curve, but these tutorials really helped me quickly understand how to use it for grooming."

Gabriel Arnold
Groom supervisor Dneg

Initially his free videos in youtube cleared a lot of my questions about the workflow and made me understand the concepts behind the grooming process. I signed for the paid lessons and this completely changed the way I thought about grooming, his lessons are straight to the point and very easy to follow, the thing that I like the most is that Jesus always keeps updating the workfkows. Today I feel very confident doing my grooming projects and I'm very proud of them!

Michael Robson
3D Character Artist - Blizzard

“These tutorials are so good. Following your series really cleared up a lot of the little questions I had when poking around with xgen. Awesome stuff!

I'm still working my way through all you got out there now! I really love how you start off the series focused on pipeline. I feel that's often neglected in tutorials. Your series structure makes me feel like I'm sitting with you getting onboarded at a new studio, and it's really helpful.”

Josh Guillaume
Filmmaker - Sr. Nuke Compositor

Your tutorials are an absolute must have for artists both new and experienced alike! The value of having all of this information in one place is immeasurable and its personally helped me grow from a complete beginner to a working professional!

Since I joined, the community and content has grown so much that sometimes its hard to keep up! its an amazing thing to be a part of and I’m always excited to see what’s coming next.

Chloe Roberts
Freelance Groom artist at Light VFX

I found the perfect community I was looking for when looking to finally learn grooming once and for all.

What I loved the most is how simple and tidy everything is structured, especially the learning paths listed by difficulty and software, that alone made my learning experience a breeze.While finishing up some personal projects of mine I was given immensely precious feedback both on the discord channel and recorded videos, and I had the chance to interact with the rest of the students too; being able to watch other patrons feedback was also very instructive.

I mainly took this opportunity to learn Xgen, and I can honestly say I am very pleased by the quality of the lessons and the professional interaction I had with Jesus Hernandez, always enthusiastic to teach and show new techniques.

I plan to come back to the platform soon, attempt another kickass groom and watch the always growing content!

Pietro Berto
Character Artist at Framestore

“Since I wanted to start learning grooming, I was googling and saw JF Channel and start my career as a grooming artist. I feel really satisfied since every single tutorial makes me feel like I am learning something new 😊. Thanks to his classes I have a solid knowledge of grooming and work with that”

Vinicius Tokue
Grooming /surfacing Artist

“This is amazing, I feel really comfortable following Jesus and taking his courses, lots of info that works in a professional environment, really efficient explanations. that’s great.”

Alejandro C
3D modeler

“I had a really nice instructor go over this with me in person but I wasn't getting everything. This tutorial series is really helping supplement some of the info. Thank you so much!”

Grooming Artist
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Frequently asked questions

When subscribing, do I have access to all tutorials?

All tutorials are available on the 15+ tiers. You will get access to every tutorial I have recorded since the start of time.

I am an absolute beginner. Is your content to advance?

We have tutorials for all levels, from basic introductions and fundamentals to advanced techniques. Any level is welcome!

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Yes, at the moment, all the subscription steps are managed by Patreon. You can cancel the subscription when you want.

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Yes, we charge upfront the day you join due to the amount of content we currently have. And Patreon will charge the cards on the 1st of every month. So the earlier in the month that you join, the better. If you participate too late in the month, you may feel that Patreon charged you twice.

What happens if my card is charged twice?

Reach us, and we can work on a refund if the amount of time is not much. The refund amount depends on the tier. As the higher level has downloadable content, we can not refund those.

I want to subscribe to some tutorials and not all of them. Can I do that?

You subscribe to all the content simultaneously, and the subscription will open all the tutorials if you are on the 15+ tier.

Can I download the videos?

No, download is not available. We work as subscriptions only.

Is the Creature Garage community different from Patreon?

They are the same now, and we started the Creature Garage community to expand and improve the experience because we have a lot of content for Patreon to manage.

Will I get access to the Creature Garage community?

Yes, when subscribing, you will receive access to all the community sites accordingly to your tier.

How does the feedback work?

We run feedback on our discord server and "The Pub" ( our private forum). We will review small passes there with notes and do feedback rounds for some of the projects with a full video per month.

Is there a way to speak with you directly once subscribed?

Yes, the discord rewards included with Patreon will give you access to our private channel, where you can have direct communication with the community and me.

Are the 3D models commercially available?

Some of the models have free use licenses, and others have an educational use license only. For commercial permits, you need to ask for them directly.

We are a studio. Can we join as a single user?

No, if you are a studio, we have unique plans for you with extra perks.

I don't have redshift. Can I join?

Yes, we usually use redshift because of the speed, but you can apply the techniques to any other rendering system.

Is the Houdini shelf included with the subscription?

The Houdini shelf can be downloaded with the 30+ subscription only. The current tool is currently only for indie users while they maintain the subscription. For a commercial license, you need to contact us directly.