Introduction to Xgen

On this series you are going to learn the basics of xgen grooming completely free. A lot of tips and tricks on how to work with xgen and solve most of the common issues that you can find when working with it. I will try to make as much videos as possible for this series.
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Jesus FC
Lead Groom TD

What you'll learn

• Tons of tips and tricks from an industry expert with years of professional experience in Grooming

• Identify random errors and solve most of the common issues that you can find when working with it

• Get a better hair on your works

• To develop a strong workflow and get your art quality to production levels.


• You will need access to XGen


• As you may have notice, xgen can be quite tricky sometimes with random errors that most of the time are because of the wrong use of the workflow, but once you get it right, you would notice how strong is the software that Maya has and the possibilities that you can open to get a better hair on your works!

Who this course is for

• Anyone who wants to learn XGen and grooming basics

Course lessons

00 xgen creation
01 - Width and taper
02 - Region maps and artisan tool
03 - Guide control HB
04 - Density Masks
05 - Clump modifiers Points
06 - Clump Modifier Masks And Clump Effect HB
07 - Clump modifier - copy effect and cut effect
08 - Clump Modifier Noise Effect
09 - clump modifier offset and clump effects
10 - Layering
11 - noise modifier basics
12 - Basic Strays
13 - Stray Percentage Expression
14 Noise modifier - Magnitude Stray Expression
15 - noise modifier - flyaways
16 - noise modifier - fray noise
17 - noise expression - mask on clumps
18 - cut modifier
19 - intro to expressions
20 - declaring a variable
21 - map expressions
22 - Rand Percentage Explained
23 - rand percentage on maps
24 - Riging the guides