Groom Fundamentals

Like every good artist, to work with hair and fur, we need solid foundations. This course is made to reinforce our knowledge of Grooming from the very beginning. We will learn or understand better, how the hair works, its characteristics, and details that can be found in a project process.
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What you'll learn

• The fundamentals of CG grooming, the main components, and applications in practical production settings  

• Understanding flow in hair systems and how to apply the concepts to create specific looks for characters and creatures

• Understanding clumps, from profiles to modifiers, and how control the settings to create specific looks for characters and creatures

• A deep dive into the specifics of clump modifiers and lookdev


• This is a software independent course. You can follow the theory in any software, but we do use examples in Maya and Houdini.


• This is software independent tutorials where we are going into the fundamentals of grooming that can be applied in any kind of setting.  We will be working in Maya and Houdini at the same time, that way you can be sure to be software independent. We are going to look at some references in detail and work in to the three fundamental areas of grooming, flows, clumps and per strand.

Who this course is for

• Anyone who wants to learn grooming fundamentals

Course lessons

01 - flow
02 - Clump profile
03 - Clump systems
04 - Clump by clump
05 - Clump modifiers
06 - Clump Mask vs Tightness
07 - Breaking the clumps with noise
08 - Clump break up by length