Grooming a Creature

And here we are, grooming a creature! In this course, we will learn the tips, mistakes and solutions that can be found in the path of a groomer when he decides to do a groom. Step by step you will see the progress, but if you have something to say (a doubt, a comment or to correct something), please do not hesitate in writing us. We are here to groom together!
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Course Lessons

01- Basic Grooming
02 Flow and length
03 - Setting up the hair
04 - Clump modifier
05 - Noise, Coild and Cut
06 - Refining the fur shape
07 - setting the strays
08 - Adjusting the pose
09 - modeling the hat
10 - modelling the apron Part 1
11 - modelling the apron - Part 2
Bonus - Details on the apron
Bonus- Retopology Part 1
Bonus - Retopology Part 2
Bonus - Making the UV
12 - Base Groom part 2
13- Editing The Modifiers
14 - grooming the mustache
15 - Color And Material

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