Feedback Rounds

When we are developing a project, we like to hear the pros or cons of it. In the Feedback Rounds, you will see some artists work with a pinch of fixes or advice in its groom process. Then you can learn some routes to improve the way you add hair, fur or feathers in your art piece.
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Course lessons

01 Concept - FFavero
02 Digidouble - Emilio Acosta
02 Digidouble - Pietro Berto
03 Humanoid Concept - Nicodamn
04 Enzo Lerat - Dwarf Mohawk
05 Enzo Lerat - Beard
06 Seal - Cristian Bolivar
07 NikoDamn- XGEN file path error
08 Eden Exposito - hairGeneratorHDA
09 Digidouble - ArtofBlaq
10 Moneky - Suzi ( with Michael Cauchi)
11 Bee - Chlo Mo
12 Golden Snub Nosed Monkey - DrBen

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