Xgen Quick Tips Scenes

Xgen Quick Tips Scenes
Jesus FC
Lead Groom TD

1. Hair Bun - Maya Scene

I received a question on discord on how to make a quick bun tutorial , and here is the video so any of you can see the results also you can find the scene attached of the project.

Ignore the base hair guides as they need a lot more work to be a good groom. but its a basic set up that can help you to understand how to work with this kind of project. Done in maya 2018.

2. Density map for clumps - Maya Scene

Almost there for the red panda and this is the cornerstone! So please look into this tutorial!

A quick one on how to set density maps for clumps.

3. Xgen BB Isolation Script

I want to share an amazing script that Sci made, we have been discussing a about this script for a time and this is the result! He was so helpful on this and was happy to share it for all the patrons on the Channel!

Enjoys!! And say thanks to the Amazing Sci!

4. Parting Techniques part 1

Here you can find the maya scene to see the results and the groom itself.

5. Parting Techniques part 2

Second lesson on the parting techniques, this is a more advanced lesson on how to achieve the results and its not final as it will take a lot of refinement to match a reference.

6. Wet Variation Scene

Here you go!

The wet groom variation with materials and the light set up!

Hope you like it!

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