Hey everyone! Rebusfarm   and Redshift Render TEST ( Not sponsored, this is a sincere test )
I was using Rebus farm this weekend on a rush project and here is my feedback for you guys if you need to use it.


It worked seamlessly with Redshift 2.5.7 not a single bug there, all the messages and smart check worked as they should.


They have approximately 16 to 20 available nodes ( I tried on +1 priority also )


My frames rendering time with an octane bench of 136.49 was 5 minutes per frame with Redshift Render. and the calculation for the full project was 104.20 USD.


On the nodes of Rebusfarm each frame took 3.4 minutes to render Aprox with Redshift Render 2.5.7, and the price was higher than what it should for almost 3x.

I had to +1 the priority for 2 shots, as on a moment there was a queue of 4000 frames ahead. (And with only 16 to 20 nodes available it could be a pain in the a** if you are on a rush )

My last shot had 275 frames ( 7.5 Minutes Each on my computer ) from 5.5 minutes to 7.5 minutes on their nodes.

That single shot alone was 121 render points ( Not sure if they are applying the promised 50% discount)


Total frames 1700 Calculation said 104.2 at 5 frames per shot

Total Frames rendered

Normal Priority 852 frames——————-> 234.17 RP
+1 Priority 362 Frames————————-> 228.96 RP

The missing frames where rendered on the local renderfarm.


Do not believe the calculator, even with the shots that had 5 min, the price can be different. Send some scenes to test the final price always.

-Use it carefully if you are on a rush, they do not have many nodes for GPU rendering

-Always have a calculation with +1 priority just in case you need to pump it up.
Hope it helps! 😀

Hope this one helps you out!

-Jesus FC