Today we surpassed a goal that has cost more than any other $900 in Patreon! It sounds so amazing after I announced the Patreon Account, and now I can not talk more about I but I have to say WE, because you guys has been the best!

This first time that the growth curve touches a ceiling and I have been exploring new techniques in advertising and movement of new Patrons. After the amazing team of Redshift Render (Thank you so much Panos, Nic and everyone involved) decided to Sponsor Us with a Redshift license to give it away (you can see the stream here ) some of them stayed others left but we managed to keep the number of Patterns and increase it, although not very much, but if it has been considerable to be able to maintain the user base.
Here goes the experience

We reached 80 Patrons last month, and the first 15 days I had a hard time uploading more tutorials because two freelancers came out that took a lot of time. That had and effect, and quite a lot of effect. This week I started a new event #17 in 17 which is 17 lessons in 17 days and its so DIFFICULT! We’re already going through Lesson 6 and we have an extra day, each tutorial takes about 3 hours minimum to do and that’s if I have it completely clear in my head. It is a considerable investment of time.

We have 4 tutorials running at the same time and they are having a good range, the patterns are very happy and the asset library is growing by the wayside!

Today we surpassed a goal that has cost more than any other $900 in Patreon!

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Toon Character Creation

Toon Hair with XGEN

Substance P. to Redshift

People don’t pay for the product, they support the creator

In addition, i tried a new advertising video, and I realized that it confirms my theory, people don’t pay for the product, supports the creator, under the current reality of social networks the most important thing is to feel connected with people. It is important for creators to understand this, and there is no other way to do this than by testing for behaviors and reactions. It’s not a simple decision but now we have a much better result and a north to move in, that’s the important thing. Now it is time to continue with the goal of the 17 lessons, which are beginning to feel tired of accomplishing it, but we are on the right track and with a firm step. So from now on you can expect a more sincere and human touch in my publications, I feel that it is what people are most expecting so we will do it with the best possible quality.

My video doesn’t work for that, if it doesn’t work. But it worked, because it has a lot of reach many people have seen it is fast and effective, to see it and nothing else. Now if I want to have conversions I have to create a different and more humane video. Those are my conclusions, I’ll put them into practice next month.

Many thanks to all those who have supported me and those who read these reports!

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