Pixar is back with even more free content, after the release of the HDRI from the oscar winning shortfilm Piper, now its here again with some if their real production free tileable textures, in total they are sharing 130 textures, and every one of them tileable. From clouds to coins all with three maps. Color, Normal and Roughness. 

Free Tilable Textures
Download all the textures on renderman community

Pixar One thirty includes:

  • 18 Clouds
  • 12 Coverings
  • 8 Marble
  • 3 Flowers
  • 8 Frames
  • 11 Arbitrary
  • 11 Millmetals
  • 13 Papers
  • 4 Tiles
  • 5 Waters
  • And more … Macbeth charts, Color Bars, glitter, etc.

Suggested Shading Network

Attached you’ll find a suggested shading network using the blkmarbl texture.

We are using the pxrRoundCube to make the texture tileable and then distributing this placement node across Multiple PxrMultiTexture nodes (diffuse, normal and roughness), which will give us the most options for seamlessly tiling our textures.

Download all the textures on renderman community
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