As some of you know I have been doing tutorials and streams on YouTube and Twitch; and a lot of you people has been asking me to keep the content flowing, I really love to share tips and experiences and most of all learn new things when sharing the process of my works.

Sadly, I have been working a lot lately to keep steady the pace of the tutorials and streams, I have a full-time job and also do a lot of freelances, so almost no time to share new content. I decided to make a Patreon Account so I can keep with the livestreams and the tutorials and even group workshops as Freelance work.

I really want to thank all your support, every one of you that have been mailing me or writing on my YouTube videos, I thank you all. It is inspiring to see the feedback from the community and receive the love or hate that you people have!

I promise I will make a video soon!

-Better Content on the videos: Each tutorial takes time, like 20 hours of work to make a High Quality tutorial, recording and editing and that.

-Free Scenes to download with each tutorial: Assets modelling, textures, real scenes that considers real work simulation are time consuming. (Like this one EXAMPLE SCENE)

-More workshops!

The workshops are the group tips, a more detailed information over complex set ups and specific request, with exclusive content and feedback for the people on the workshop.

-For patreons only I will give you models, materials tests and papers from my own experiences and workflows (Weekly)

Right now you can download from my Patreon my cloth shader ball model, ready for maya with textures and in FBX and OBJ.

I will also be sharing my cloth, leather materials and textures. For the complete guide on how to use this scene you can look here.

-Making off and Work-ready workflows
I do a lot of freelance work, and the making of my works are going to be available to you people. (This one is a high-level goal as it takes a lot of time to put a making of together but I will do my best to dedicated to the community)


Everyone needs to pay bills, taxes, apartment, food, etc. I am not an exception, I have a two-year-old son and the ones of you that have kids know that they are expensive, so thinking on his college found and how to educate him right or even his diapers and milk everything is money. That is the reason for me to ask a compensation.


  • Autodesk Maya 1 Year : $1470
  • Adobe CC: $49.99
  • Redshift First Year: $500
  • V-ray 1 Year Chaos Group: $1040 ( or $170 monthly)
  • Zbrush : $795
  • Mega scans: $29 monthly
  • Substance: $19.90 monthly
  • HARDWARE:upgrades are expensive for 3d

Thank you for all your support! If you have any question don’t hesitate to send me a message!

New Patreon Account