GeForce GTX 1080 Ti finally here!

The new GeForce GTX 1080 Ti its finally here, we have been waiting for this release! With 11 GB of RAM and with the title of 35% faster than the 1080, we will have to wait and see, its the dream for the new GPU render engines. The 11 GB of ram makes it perfect to use for the 3D community. 
The launch price for 699 USD and featuring a new cooling vapor chamber.

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Redshift lights not showing FIX (Maya 2016+)

If you are working with Maya 2016 and move to 2017, the Redshift lights disappears, its a known issue and the Redshift guys are fixing them.

On maya 2016.5 and higher, you need to set the Viewport 2.0 rendering engine to “OpenGL – legacy”, the lights also display correctly in the legacy and HQ viewport. (this is a known issue, on maya 2016.5+ the legacy lights are different but the guys on RS need to implement this..)


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I decided to make a Patreon!

 As some of you know I have been doing tutorials and streams on YouTube and Twitch; and a lot of you people has been asking me to keep the content flowing, I really love to share tips and experiences and most of all learn new things when sharing the process of my works.Read More

Free Courses – Pixar in a box

Every time that most of the people think about Pixar, they get the idea of many geniuses working all the time on super-secret projects.  The fog around the magic formula of the Pixar greatness was just a dream for most of the 3D industry. Now everything has change, Pixar has been releasing a lot of new information all the time, free to use plugins, open subdiv and a lot more of content even Renderman for Non-commercial.Read More

Timothy the Autumn mouse

Finally I could finish another piece, it has been really long time since I could work from start to finish since Forgotten Forest, some times because of too much work and other times because of laziness, but for this one I could finally set my mind to accomplish the result.

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Scene for Physical Sky Tutorial

The scene for the new redshift tutorial, Physical Sun and Sky, its almost done. I think I will need to make two scenes one for the display of the set up configuration and how does the physical sky works on outdoors, and show the haze and the other attributes and this scene for the interiors. 

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Redshift for beginners – 01 Physical Light

I have been working with redshift lately and I decided to start with a tutorial series about the software for beginners, just to help people on the curve of learning.

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Motion Graphics in Maya 2016

I have been working with Redshift lately and I decided to start with a tutorial series about the software for beginners, just to help people on the curve of learning.

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Cloth material test

Hi!, I’m always trying to test the most of my materials, and with this in mind I made a quick render for testing purposes. Its just a basic tablet top scene with a coffee cup and a draped fabric but its successful with the look of the cloth materials!Read More

Cloth Shaderball


Understanding the Basics

Hello!, this is going to be the first post of the new page, as you guys have been seeing in the last few days, I have been updating everything, new site, new images and also the new download section with all  my material library to download. (one step at a time)Read More

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