XGEN for production series is getting Serious

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5 cases when to split your grooms

The hair division has always been a topic that makes groomers discuss, and its by no means easy, as it will have big repercussions on the structure of the groom, and if on production, on the other departments. Planning a good groom division will require considering things as length, shape, area, colors, groom quality, texture, and simulation. There are other areas that you may want to consider but we will look into the basic 5 on this tutorial.Read More

Lock/Unlock Xgen Guides Script

An interesting request for the groom forum was how to make the guides unselectable on xgen so I made a super quick script that could be cleaner and working better but here it is if you guys want
The easiest way will be to select the guides that you want to block for selection. This script works with mel.

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May Updates for Patrons

Hello Everyone! I wanted to update you all on the releases for may on the Patreon Channel. Thank you all for the support. This month is going to be an amazing month! Read More

Digidouble Groom Feedback

Another round of feedback on patreon that we decided to make public for all to see.  This  is an example from Momoko Okabe from Canada, who is open for oportunities.

Remember that his content is sponsored by all patrons, if you like it please support and share. If you want to see the other feedback round you can find it here.

Here is Momoko’s message on our discord server:

Hi group, I am doing hair groom in xgen and would like share my WIP. Any feedback would be appreciated:innocent: (Groom and model).Thank you in advance.
As part of our patron tiers we offer feedback when possible, and this is the result of those sessions.

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7 Common mistakes at making a daily ( Includes a Feedback Round Example )

As part of our Patreon scheme we are bringing the feedback rounds to a Studio level. On this case we will use Chloe Roberts example, she is a student at the University of Hertfordshire. You can find her Arstation and her LinkedIn here. Model Texture and Lookdev by Adrian Teoh.Read More

IGS Guide Clump Trick

Interactive grooming splines trick to add guide clumps. Node  that this will work for for the guide node density multiplier and for hand placed guides

First you need your basic groom scene on IGS and both a guide node and a Clump node.Read More

Groom Fundamental Series

Due to the COVID-19 emergency and knowing that some of us ( Me and my Girlfriend included) are in isolation and we have been recommended not to go out, I decided to help the community releasing part of my content for free. Read More

Hairy Monday #1 – 8 Facts about Hair

Hairy Mondays is the new series that we will be presenting with useful tips! 

This week is Human hair! Read More

Xgen Expressions for VFX

Xgen is one of the most used groom tools for both professional artists and also students. But the comprehensive information about the usage of the expressions, which is one of the most important parts of the software and whats makes it so strong. So after the request from the Patrons on the channel, I decided to make this guide on how to use some of the most basic expressions that will give you more control over the groom.Read More