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Index with all the lessons and download links

Product Shot Tutorial

By popular demand, Here is the new line of tutorials for Redshift starting with Product shot and light techniques!  On this tutorial we are going to look into the process of creation of a product shot from the model preparation to the light set ups and rigs, textures and final materials to end with the post production to get the final piece.

Work in progress, up until lesson 05. Two lessons or more are being added weekly.

Free model by Waldemart

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From Drawing to Model: Fur for Cartoon Characters

Learn the complete workflow from the drawing of a character to the creation of a 3D model, how to work the shape, silhouette and carry out a model ready for production through Zbrush and Autodesk Maya, then apply the fur to finish with a fantastic character.

Work in progress, up until lesson 07. 2 lessons or more are being added weekly.

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Cartoon Environment Creation

Artworks that are going to be used to be used for the tutorial, we have 5 variations and the Vis Dev artist is creating more

more than 28 grass variations are ready to download with uvs

3D Environment creation + Assets

On this tutorial you will find the workflow to create a massive library of assets (that are included on the tutorial) to generate amazing 3D environments from realistic results to a cartoon look.  We will see the workflow on how to create the models, textures and materials for a production ready scene and take it to the final animation.

Work in progress, up until lesson 04.more are being added weekly.

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Grooming for Cartoon Characters

Learn the techniques to create cartoon hair and great hairstyles for your characters. We will create the hair step by step from the outer shapes, defining the silhouette, the movement of the ribbons, to the last minute details achieving a perfect cartoon result with a great production quality.

Work in progress, up until lesson 12. 2 lessons or more are being added weekly.

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Introduction to XGEN for cartoon characters

If you are new into Xgen and want to have a quick start, This tutorial is for you, With 4 lessons with comments you will have an introduction to the use of the tools inside of Core Xgen and how to use them. This is an introductory tutorial on how to use the Guide system and modifiers. Source files are included.

This tutorial can be seen full on Patreon.

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Procedural Materials with Maya & Redshift

On this tutorial we will create procedural materials on 3 stages: Diffuse, Bump and Reflection, with a versatile technique that uses as a base the same 3 colors (nodes) to generate all maps, so you have more control and flexibility to get the desired result. 

The render on the left has no displacement map just bump maps.


Cloth and Fabric series

On this series we explore a workflow to create custom cloths textures and how to use them to generate realistic renders that achieve a balance between render time and detail. Change the type of cloth easily and with no effort, it works for any render system supported by Maya.

Pack with textures and the final scene with textures and light set up included*


Furry Creature Creation

On this tutorial, we are going to work on the modeling and overal design of a new 3D furry creature, from the very start and go through all the creation process until the final result. 
Working the production pipeline to take it and work the model for animation, making the groom of the fur, the materials, and painting the texture.  And at the end how to blend your render and work with a backplate to make the final step and achieve that goal of a high quality image.

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Exclusive Video Tutorials

Get the montly video tutorials with exclusive content, showing the full process of creation, with all the changes, tips and techniques used to generate the final images.

Project with files and scenes

All the main files are ready for you to download, you can follow the tutorials or use them as you want. Also you get acess to the YouTube files as an extra.

Monthly Rewards with free commercial use

Once the goal is reached, we are giving monthly rewards! And they are released on the first days of each month. From new materials to models free of use.


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